With the whole family effort and support, in 2005 Metrillo Gun Corporation was officially established.

The Story

Having come from a farming family, none of the nine Metrillo siblings had had any ties with guns before, let alone repaired or manufactured them. Until Manolito “Nolie” Metrillo, the second of the siblings, joined a group of gunsmiths and got hold of the craft while he was still a student in Batangas. December 17, 1988 was the monumental day when Nolie, along with his two brothers Mario “Mhar” Metrillo and Romeo “Romy” Metrillo kicked off the M.L Metrillo Gun Repair Shop in a humble garage at the back of their house in Paranaque.

Through the years, MGC has stamped their name by offering the best gunsmithing, customizing and assembling services and gained the trust of their loyal clients by perfecting the craft and been exceptionally true to their core values.

The demand of the industry has pushed their hands to expand the business into manufacturing pistols components and acquiring the latest machineries to keep up with the orders.

What started as a small shop at Kalayaan Road, Balagbag, Pasay City has now evolved into a manufacturing plant and 50 employees at the same location.